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Detailed Iridology Reading

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In this reading, I will read both eyes and give you a detailed indication of the weakest tissues in the body as revealed by the eyes. It will cover stuff like skin rings, cholesterol rings, and malabsorption rings. It also includes in-depth details like organs and glands affected. It will discuss the major organs that are the weakest as shown in your eyes...

It will also cover the major systems, glands, and organs and any weaknesses and strengths I see, I will also read both eyes and you will receive a herbal protocol.

Once completed you will get a video that explains the weaknesses - this does not include consultation or a phone call. You will get a video showing your eyes and what I see in them.

Iridology does not indicate disease and it does not diagnose anything, it simply shows - it just shows weaknesses of tissue which allows you to take steps to get healthier.

Once your order is placed – we will contact you with details (business working days-not on weekends) on how to take a good eye picture and the finished video will take a couple of days to deliver. There are no refunds on this service as I spend my time on it and will do my utmost to give you the information I see in your eyes.
You will get a 1-2 minute video that will be sent to you privately and hosted privately on YouTube

We recommend using the EyeCos EYE Selfie app to take better eye photos.

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