Raw Maraby Tinctures

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures, extracts, tonics, elixirs - various names for the liquid essence obtained through the extraction process of active herbal ingredients. Among the methods employed for this extraction are alcohol, water, vinegar, or glycerin.

RawMaraby tinctures specialize in alcohol-based preparations. Alcohol stands out as the preferred solvent for several reasons. It excels in extracting nearly all active constituents from herbs, yielding stronger tinctures that require lower doses for efficacy. Additionally, alcohol serves as a natural preservative, inhibiting bacterial and mold growth and thus extending the shelf life considerably. Properly stored, alcohol-based tinctures can maintain potency for years.

Why choose Tinctures over other Herbal Preparations?

While herbs can be consumed whole, in powdered form (such as capsules), or brewed into tea, the liquid form of tinctures offers distinct advantages. Liquids bypass the need for digestion, enhancing absorption rates. Unlike teas, tinctures require no daily preparation and boast higher concentrations, necessitating smaller doses. Moreover, tinctures facilitate customization by allowing various herbs to be blended to address individual needs. They can be taken neat, diluted in water or other beverages, incorporated into lozenges, or applied topically in various forms such as compresses, oils, ointments, or even added to foot soaks or bathwater for an indulgent experience.

Tincture Concentrations

Tincture bottles are typically labeled with a weight-to-volume ratio, where the first number denotes the weight of the herb, or marc, and the second number represents the volume of alcohol solution, or menstruum. Common ratios include 1:4 or 1:5. At Mira Herbals, our tinctures boast an exceptional 1:2 ratio, macerated in 50% distilled cane sugar alcohol - one of the highest concentrations available. This ratio ensures extraction of approximately 90% of the plant's essence, resulting in potent herbal remedies with a rich spectrum of medicinal compounds.


Herbal medicine extracts can be derived from fresh or dried herbs, utilizing any part of the plant. Different alcohol percentages are chosen to target specific constituents of interest.

To craft a tincture, herbs are finely ground to increase the surface area for extraction. Once the herbs are fully submerged in the appropriate menstruum, the jar is tightly sealed and stored away from extreme light or temperature fluctuations. Periodic agitation of the jar aids in distributing the menstruum evenly. Extraction typically occurs over several weeks.