The real cause of Calcium Deficiencies

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Doctor says you have a calcium deficiency and insists you go on calcium supplements? DON’T DO IT!!!!!!! These calcium supplements you’re being told to buy are just isolates, meaning they’re just chemistry. It has been extracted from somewhere else and it's not whole, nor is it complete.

If you're deficient in calcium it means your parathyroid is down, which means that it cannot use calcium. This is why you are calcium deficient. The logical fix for this would be to repair what isn’t working, right? To fix the parathyroid, you’re going to on a detox:  this is done by going on a 100% fruit diet, so throw away all of your starchy foods, animal produce and cooked foods. Trade them in for fruit and herbs from @rawmaraby. The fruits and herbs combined will clean up your adrenals kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and your stomach and bowels. The herbs with detox the acids and the mucus that are blocking the proper function of the parathyroid for the calcium to be absorbed efficiently.

If you truly want a calcium “supplement”, just use Medjool dates. They are full of natural calcium and easily taken in by the body. There is no need to go buy supplements for Calcium deficiency.

I personally recommend the Lemon only diet (only drinking lemon juice for a few weeks) in combination the herbs and fasting. This will clean up your body and give you all of the calcium you need.

I hope this was helpful for everyone reading this. DM with any questions 😊

Happy healing 😊

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