Nuts/Seeds are not good for you when detoxing…

When you’re trying to heal it is a good idea to stay away from nuts and seeds. This is so because they are very high in protein. The human body is not designed to digest protein in the amounts we have been told to consume, so we don’t handle it very well. It is also very hard on the kidneys. So, when we’re trying to heal the kidneys, or anything else in the body, we need to avoid nuts.


Next, nuts have enzyme inhibitors around them, making them even more difficult to digest. When we eat nuts, we’re giving our bodies extra work when it comes to digestion. We’re using energy that could be used towards healing, on digesting.


When you have healed and feel healthy you can eat all the nuts and seeds you wish, but when you’re healing stay away from them, they will slow your healing process down!

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