Does Iron deficiency cause hair loss?

In my opinion this is not true

Let me explain…

Deficiencies do not come about because you’re deficient in the lack of minerals and vitamins in the foods you are eating.  Deficiencies occur because your adrenals are down. Adrenals are the glands responsible the utilization of minerals. They produce over 25 different types of cortisol steroids that make use of the minerals we get through food.

If you’re adrenals are down, your kidneys are down, as is your lymphatic system. They are down because your body is highly acidic, and your body is now taking cholesterol and calcium from your tissues to buffer it from these acids.  These acids are also affecting the glands, which also makes the lymphatic system even more stagnant.

The lymphatic system should never be stagnant because it is responsible for removing metabolic waste from your body. When the lymphatic system goes down, these acids will try to escape through the skin, and this is when your hair starts to fall out.

If you have a deficiency you want to change your diet to a 100% fruit diet. Stop consuming all of the meats, dairy, all animal produce, all starches, and cooked foods. Stick to fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take your @rawmaraby herbs, the #Fab5 for your adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels.

Stick to this and you will no longer be deficient in any mineral, because your adrenals will be cleaned out and running as they should be thanks to the #Fab5. They will also be making use of all the minerals from the raw fruits you’re eating.

So remember, you’re not deficient in any mineral, your adrenals are just damaged, or down. 😊

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