Frequently Asked Questions

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Herbal Products

How are herbal tinctures different from herbal teas?

Tinctures are concentrated extracts where herbs are steeped in alcohol (for weeks), whereas teas involve steeping herbs in hot water (for few minutes).

Tinctures are best for strong medicinal activity, convenience, and long-term storage. An herbal tincture will have about 90% plant essence in it.

Herbal teas are not as potent as tinctures, but they can be very effective for calming the nervous system, soothing the stomach, and brightening the mood. A herbal tea will have approximately 10% plant essence in it.

It’s best to combine them both.

Can I combine multiple tinctures?

Yes, you can take multiple tinctures at once.

Simply measure the recommended dose of each tincture (see each product page on our website) and combine them together in one glass. 

You can add it to juice or water, or take it raw. You can also add it to a hot tea for few minutes before drinking.

Why is there alcohol in tinctures?

There is nothing to be concerned about, the amount of alcohol is little and most is plant matter. Alcohol in a tincture is a superior way of getting plant phytonutrients to the cells.

Alcohol is a better extractor and is better at getting the medicinal properties out of tough woody parts of the plant. This makes an alcohol tincture more potent and more concentrated than a glycerite or tea, meaning you can use less of a tincture to get the same results.

Alcohol has better preservation which means it can technically last forever provided you don't expose the tincture to sunlight or add anything to it. Also if your diet is high fruits and raw veggies you have nothing to worry about as you are on a detox and cleansing mode.

However, if you are still concerned, you can mix the tincture in a cup of warm water or decaffeinated/herbal tea allowing the alcohol to evaporate before consumption.  

Are your herbs still effective if I'm not vegan or on fruit-only cleanse?

Yes, they will still be effective. However, you will experience more of the benefits if you avoid or completely eliminate processed foods from your diet.

I need help on which product to get.

Please send us a message and let us know what your health goals are.

Keep in mind that we do not diagnose anything. If you need proper diagnosis due to your symptoms, contact a health care professional.