Why you lose weight when you switch to an all fruit diet.

I get several messages a week with people worried about losing weight when they change to an all fruit diet. This should be the least of your worries. Let me tell you why..

If you’re already healthy, meaning there is nothing for you to fix, you will not lose weight when you switch to an all fruit diet. You only lose weight when the body is trying to heal itself from what ever is wrong with it. Your body is getting rid of what ever it doesn’t need. When you heal, your body will dig deep and remove every single obstruction in its way, this includes excess weight.

These fat cells are just buffering for acids. When the body has become too acidic the body uses these buffering systems to protect itself from the acids. So when someone who is not healthy is overweight, it is the body using the excess weight as a protection measure from the acidity. When you start to clean your body out with your fruits and herbs, there will be nothing for the body to protect itself from. No more buffers, because you’re removing the excess acids and toxins that are in the fat, that the body doesn’t need. So, when you’re detox is finished and you’re all cleaned out, you’ll return to normal.

Again, losing weight should not be your first concern, it should be your health. If you’re losing weight every time you detox it is an indication that your regular diet is too acidic, you should be making come changes to it.

Worry about your health first, and vanity later 😊

I hope this was helpful for you guys! Please leave me some questions in the comments! 😊

Happy healing!

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