Why you get Fungus on your body

Why you get Fungus on your body

Do you have fungus? Whether it is jock itch, or toe fungus issues, here’s how you can naturally detox it out, and make sure it never comes back.


Fungus exists to eat the dead, putrid stuff. For example, if you left a piece of cheese or even a piece of bread out for a few days, you would see it eventually be devoured by fungus, why? Because cheese and bread are dead foods. Fungus eats the dead stuff so it can recycle atoms.


So, when you see fungus anywhere on your body it is an indicator that your lymphatic system is stagnant; it is not doing its job which is to move acids and toxins to the kidneys to be eliminated. When the lymphatic system is stagnant it will get dirty and invite unwanted guest into it; imagine a river that has stopped flowing: it will attract unwanted guests. Amongst those guests are fungi, bacteria and parasites. These fungi, bacteria, and parasites will “clean the river out”, but still remain.


The most effective way to get rid of the fungus is to detox it out. Go on an all fruit diet for some time. Eat fruit and only fruit and take herbs 3 times a day. These “Fungus” herbs are specially formulated for this purpose. If you use these tinctures in combination with the fruits aggressively you’ll be saying bye-bye to fungus soon! You can also benefit from herbs for the Kidneys!


For this to work you have to be dedicated; you cannot eat cooked foods, starches, animal products, or processed foods for the duration of your detox. Consumption of these foods while you’re detoxing will stop your progress immediately. A mono fruit diet will also be more effective than a mix fruit diet.


If you have fungus issues please detox them out. Be aggressive and be patient.

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