Why We Don’t Eat Cooked Foods During Detox and Weight Loss

When you’ve been detoxing and healing yourself for weeks, or months you may get cravings for something savory; like soup. Is soup okay to have?


The answer is yes, vegetable soups, cooked veggies, and cooked vegan foods are fine. You just have to be aware of the fact that this will slow down and possibly stop your healing process. If you wish to continue to heal after you eat something cooked, your next meal must be fruits. If your goal isn’t to heal anymore, you can continue to eat cooked foods by all means.


If you cannot do 100% fruits all the time and you wish to maintain a healthy alkalized body you can be on 80% fruits and 20% cooked vegetables or vegan foods. Anything less than 80% fruits will create the same obstructions in the body that you detoxed out.


When you’re trying to heal yourself from anything you must stick to fruits 100% of the time. The fruits will hydrate and clean out each of your cells leaving them free of the acid, mucus and toxins that are inside of them. Fruits give provide us with the antioxidants, nutrition, and energy that our bodies need to heal.


When we’re eating acidic foods, the body will use energy to take cholesterol and calcium from its self to create a buffer between itself and the acids that are occupying your hundred trillions cells. These buffers also block nutrients from getting into the cells which causes dehydration.


So yes, you can have soups, and cooked veggies/vegan foods after you’ve healed, but you must remember to have it in moderation so you don’t end up in the same acidic state you were in before you started to heal yourself. Remember: 80/20. :)



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