Who can take charge of your hair growth? YOU

Who can take charge of your hair growth? YOU

You CAN take charge of your hair growth. Do not believe the lies they tell you, “it’s genetics!”,  or, “it’s your hormones”,  “that's from menopause”  or “you have alopecia”. None of these things are the real definition of what's causing your hair-loss or hair growth issues.  

People listen to me: it has everything to do with food you're eating. And it has everything to do the fact that there is no blood going to your scalp. This is why your hair is falling out.

If you believe what they say, sadly you're at the mercy of medication and their treatments. Hair loss and hair growth is not a treatment issue. It is a #rejuvenation issue. It is your body’s way of telling you that there's something wrong inside. No #treatment is going to help you long term, they’re all band-aid solutions and in the end, it will just get worse and worse ☹.

The only way you can actually get it to grow is twofold: first, clean your system up, and #2, boost blood flow to the scalp. Easy right? 

So, how do we clean the system up? -  By avoiding the foods that are causing hair loss in the first place!! Yes, this includes the #dairy products you love, the animal flesh, cooked foods, starches and processed foods. All these are what has been causing your health issues. You must stop eating these “foods” and replace them with #real food, like #fruits and #vegetables (raw). #Breakfast? Fruits!! Lunch time? FRUITS.  What are we having for #dinner? You guess it: F-R-U-I-T-S 😊.  If you don’t like to eat fruit alone, have some veggies along with your fruits! But it's best to have fruits and fruits only.

If you do this for a few weeks you will see your hair completely change! Your #skin is going to #glow, you're gonna feel #amazing, and hey, you might even drop a few #pounds!!  This is the #truth people!! It's THAT simple! You just have to give it a try. 

Now, we know how we’re going to clean up the system, now we need to boost our blood flow to the scalp. This is extremely crucial yet #simple and #obvious that we miss it. Just like a plant needs #water to thrive your hair follicles are no different, they need blood. If they don't get the blood they need they will die. So, what can you do to get blood flow in there?

  • #Eat the right foods. Did I mention fruits yet? The fruits will hydrate the cells individually and open up blood vessels and the blood will get your hair follicles.
  • Externally use of good #hairoil. I can't stress this enough!!! This is one of the oldest traditions in the world. People from India and Asia have been using hair oils with hair growth herbs in it to grow their hair. A lot of people will laugh these things but I can tell you for a #fact that every plant (there are thousands of plants) has been #researched by actual #scientists in the West. You won't hear it in the news, and you don't hear of it elsewhere because know they don't want you to know about these things. But these are actual studies that are #published in #medical #journals! Only scientists get to see them and they all show that #plants can indeed #grow and #regrow 

Remember, hair oils have also been used for generations in India to grow hair. They know it works, it has worked for them, so it will work for you as well! There is absolutely no reason why you can't get the same benefit! It just requires patience and the right hair oil. -This is where the primary problem rises. You cannot find a good hair oil or product. Most of the hair oils out there inferior, they use a very, very little number of herbs (if any) and obviously nothing really happens hair growth-wise, and that's why you get disappointed and give up☹.  

You need a very good hair oil like Gro Hair Oil. Gro Hair Oil has 17 of the most powerful plants known to #science and #man to grow hair. These plants have been literally proven by science to grow hair! For example, Eclipta Alba Extract. This plant has been studied and proven effective for hair growth, again, it has been used in India and Asia for generations, (where do you think you virgin Grade 9A hair bundles come from? Hmmmm?).

Ok, so when you use a product like this combined with the diet changes you are going to make (FRUITS), you’re gonna see some amazing things happen with your body and hair. Now, let’s be realistic for a moment, this won’t be an instant change. You may notice your hair loss come to a stop, but after a while, it may come back. Why? Remember, you are in your current state because of with your bad diet and counter-productive hair products that you used in the past, and it took time to get there. Please allow your body some time to adjust to get you to where you want to be. 

 I beg you to be patient, I promise it is worth it and your hair will grow, and you will be sooooooo happy you read this article. 😊

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