What is the difference between a cure, treatment, and healing?

When you want to treat something or cure something you go to a doctor. When you want to Heal something, you use detoxification.

When I say detoxification, I don’t mean the things you see on TV and social media where you drink a green smoothie and you’re done. Detox means you’re changing your body to an alkaline state; meaning you are putting your body in a position where it can heal itself.

Ill health in the body (In the study of detoxification) is due to an obstruction of energy flow caused by the acidic foods we consume. So by removing these obstructions we can allow the body to heal itself. We don’t cure the body, it heals itself- we simply give it the right setting by using fruits and vegetables.

When you’re trying to cure or treat something, you’re using something external (like medicine) to try and make it better. Similar to a band aid, this is a temporary solution and you’re not getting to the root cause of the ailment.

These cures are okay if you’re in pain because you are being relieved, but it is still important to figure out and fix the underlying causes of your ailment and the way to do that is by detoxing on an all fruit diet along with herbs.

The fruits will remove the acidity from your body and the herbs will get your kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels moving the way they should be.

In detoxification healing is simple- fruits plus +herbs= health and vitality

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