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Vegetables for healing

By Rob Maraby December 24, 2019 0 comments

Can you use vegetables to heal?! The answer is yes!


I always recommend detoxing with fruits because fruits are the strongest weapon you can possibly use to clean your body out. They are very astringent meaning they pull toxins out of your body, liquify mucus and alkalize the body.  They are also easy for the body to digest; allowing the body more time and energy to heal and repair itself.


When you detox with vegetables you’re still detoxing, it will just be a slow detox. It takes more time for your body to digest vegetables than it does fruits. If you cannot do all fruits for the duration of your detox it is completely ok to mix some veggies in throughout the day.


You will still heal, just not as quick as you would if you were just on fruits. If you’re having vegetables while healing you MUST incorporate herbs into diet; 3 times a day. The herbs will target your organs specifically to  fix and strengthen them. This is why we recommend dry fasting when you’re detoxing because the extended period of not eating optimizes the healing process with the herbs.


So remember, fruits and herbs are the fastest way to heal, but throwing veggies in the mix is always an option if you must! Patience is key! Stick to it and heal. :)



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