Urine color does not mean much

Your urine is a very important indication of your health. The colour of it…. Not so much. The colour of your urine does not signify how well your body is filtering out acids, or not. The colour of your urine will change depending on what you’ve ingested and how much water you have had.


The best indicator for filtration is finding particles, or mucus strands in your urine. If you find these things in your urine this is a great indication that you’re filtering metabolic waste from your body.


When you dry-fast this process will be amplified. This is because the body will use all of its resources help the kidneys filter and remove the acids out of the lymphatic system. This is why we combine fruits and dry-fasting when we are trying to heal. The fruits will soften the hardened acids, this will allow them to flow and be carried to the kidneys for filtration and elimination and the dry fasting allows the kidneys to work as hard as they can to filter out all of the acids.



Don’t use the color of your urine as a health indicator, check for sediments in it. If your kidneys are working properly there should be particles of metabolic waste inside your urine. 


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