Hey Folks! 😊

So, you have high uric acid levels. The cause of this is a high protein diet mixed with starches. When you consume foods in the wrong combination (protein and starches), it breeds fungus. Fungus leads to high uric acid levels.


As usual the way to fix this is fruits 😊. Fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Combine this with herbs that will support the endocrine system, lymphatic system, stomach and bowels, adrenals and your kidneys… We call this the Fab5. You’ll also need a deworming herb. We call this “Parasite M”. This will get rid of the fungus. This will assist the Fab5 in softening the lymph to get the access acids flowing to the kidney, where they will be disposed of.


If you have high uric acid levels the time to start is now. Switch to fruits, grab some herbs and even throw in some dry fasting for optimal healing. The uric acids will leave your body as soon as you get your kidneys filtering. The fungus’s will out of your body as well.

This is a simple healing; nothing to panic about, just stay consistent, and stick to your diet. Stay away from cooked foods, starches and animal products, and don’t over-do it on the protein, especially while healing.


You can do it! 😊

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