To heal you need a good foundation

To heal you need a good foundation

When you’re detoxing always remember your goal is to remove all of the obstructions from your body. The obstructions are the toxins, mucus, and acids that are sitting in your body. When you detox properly you will lose some weight; it is inevitable because your body is getting rid of excess material that is doesn’t need. Your body stores toxins inside of fat and water, and then uses calcium and cholesterol to buffer these toxins. This is why you will drop a few pounds with your detox initially.


Do not let weight be your primary concern. Let your primary concern be cleaning your body out, eating only fruits and herbs for your detox period, and how you’re going to maintain a balanced lifestyle after your detox is over.


If you want to regain the weight you lost its simple; keep eating fruits. Remember the weight loss is temporary if you want it to be. Once the body is finished cleaning itself out, it can begin to rebuild muscle more effectively, when given the right diet and amount of calories for your weight goal.


Trust your body and trust the process. If your body has a clean, obstruction-free foundation you will have health! :)

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