The power of a dry fast broken with fruits!!

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Intermittent fasting? The correct and most effective way to do it is to do a 14 to 16 hour daily dry fast (no food no water) starting with your last meal of the day.  This allows the body to heal itself overnight and then continue to do so when you wake up. I advise you to break you dry fast with fruit juices, and then about an hour later, eat actual fruit, until your eating window has closed 😊. Repeat this cycle for as long as you want, the longer the better.

If you’re currently on a standard American diet (starches, meats, dairy, animal produce), please do not start with a 14-16 hour fast. Ease into it slowly, start with 6 to 8 hours of dry fasting to see how you feel, and then work your way up to 14 – 16 hour fasts. It can be potentially dangerous to do this because the body will dislodge all the toxins and they will have nowhere to go because you're all clogged up, causing more damage than healing ☹.

A dry fast combined with fruits is one of the fastest ways of healing your body BUT you must make sure your diet consists of fruits, and fruit juices, only. I recommend you start your all fruit diet for a few weeks before you start your dry fast, just to hydrate your cells before you heal. This is the safest way to dry fast.

Once you get a hold of this, you’ll be able to hold a fast for 24 to 36 hours (yay)!

Try it out, don’t give up. You’re doing great!

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