The less obstructive foods you eat the better the healing

The less obstructive foods you eat the better the healing

When it comes to healing the less digesting your body is doing, the better. This is why we avoid proteins, starches, processed foods, animal products and cooked foods while we detox. These foods are incredibly time and energy consuming for the body to digest. When we are trying to heal we want to preserve as much energy as possible for healing. In addition to being difficult to digest, these foods also leave an acidic waste in the body.This acidic waste affects the lymphatic system, which the main sewer system of the body. This is a chain reaction that will affect the kidneys. When the kidneys aren’t working properly it means they aren’t filtering acids out and sending them out for elimination. Your body is now backed up with acids and they have nowhere to go. They will start to burn through your tissues, organs and glands. This is when you get health issues.


This is why we use fruits to heal and avoid everything else (with the exception of herbs). Fruits digest very quickly and require very little energy from the body to do so.


The most optimal way of healing would be using the dry fast method. Dry fasting is when you don’t eat OR drink ANYTHING for an extended period of time. Your body has nothing to do other than repair itself. This is the fastest way of healing your body.


Do not jump straight into dry fasting, do 2 to 4 weeks of eating only fruit, and then start to dry fast. Make sure to break your dry fast with fruit juices, and have only fruit and herbs during your eating period.


Give this a shot and see how quickly you heal!