The cause of a fatty liver

Hey folks!

In the past few weeks I’ve been approached by several people asking about the causes and healings of a ‘fatty liver’. If you have a fatty liver its due to acidosis. Acidosis is what happens when your body becomes highly acidic. When this happens, it's gonna steal cholesterol and calcium to buffer around these acids to protect itself. So when ever you hear you have a fatty liver, it means that the liver area (in fact the whole body) is acidic so its taking calcium and cholesterol and buffering it against these acids for protection.

 How can we fix this fatty liver? You have to get rid of those acids from your entire body because if have you a fatty liver you have acids all over the body, right? You eliminate those acids by going on a 100% fruit diet, mixed @rawmaraby’s herbs. Don’t let them trick you by telling you the sugar is what causes fatty liver, it’s not. Sugars from fruit are the only way to clean out your liver. These sugars are very astringent, and they will supply the cells with all the nutrients they need, they will break up mucus, it will remove those acids and get the body into an alkaline state.

Let’s do this! Get your fruits, grab you herbs and lets get clean!!

Happy Healing!!

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