The body can heal itself from ANYTHING..

Hello folks!

I’m here today to let every single one of you reading this know that no matter what state your health is in right now, you CAN heal yourself. It is 100% possible. I can say this because all illnesses are caused by obstructions of blood flow, lymph flow, and nerve flow. That is it, plain and simple. All you must do is unblock the energy flow to heal yourself.

When you get a pain, anywhere in your body, it is an indication that it is acidic, and the body is trying to warn you. This is when you experience inflammation. Inflammation is the body's response to acidosis. To combat this, you must get your body into an alkaline state. To do this successfully you must stop eating cooked foods, cooked starches and all animal products and switch to a 100% fruit diet. The fruits will move the acids from the lymph through to the kidneys to be eliminated.

There is nothing that cannot be fixed with the right diet! It really is that simple folks! Start yourself on a 7 to 30 days fruit only diet. Fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and see how amazing you feel!

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