Teeth sensitivity relief

Teeth sensitivity relief

If you find you have sensitivity with your teeth, or anywhere in your mouth it is a result of having an acidic build up in your mouth region. This acid build up is not necessarily from the food you’re consuming, but more from the acids that are latent in your tissue. So when you eat fruits they will start to expose the acids that are in your mouth.


The way you can combat this issue is to gargle baking soda in your mouth once or twice a day (make sure it is aluminum free baking soda) with water. Doing this will eliminate the acids from your mouth region while keeping it alkaline.


You can take this up a level and detox your entire body to ensure those acids never come back. You can go on a 100% fruit diet and stop eating the acid causing animal products, starches, proteins, and processed foods.


This will not only improve your oral health, it will optimize your overall health.


Give it a shot!

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