Swollen lymph nodes and tumors

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Today’s post is about tumors and damaged cells and how to get rid of them. When you have a damaged cell, or an atypical cell, it means that the cell has nowhere to go. Usually, when you have a dead cell or a problem cell, it is taken by the lymphatic system into the lymph nodes and then to the kidneys where it is really eliminated. When you're eating the wrong foods (animal proteins, the cooked starches protein etc) the lymph becomes very thick, which means that it can no longer remove the dead cells, or remove acidic wastes and this in turn will make the body harbour these dead cells to protect itself. Therefore we get tumors, cysts and fibroids; they form to protect themselves from the acids they cannot break down.

The best way to eliminate these dead cells is to flush your system out with a 100% fruit diet to get the fluids in the lymphatic system moving. This is a natural-safe way to make sure you will never get a tumor.

You do not want a dead cell to form into a tumor so big that you have to get it surgically removed, do you? Start now, eat fruits and watch your cysts and fibroids shrink and/or disappear. Replace your cooked foods with all fruit and you will see and notice the changes going on in your body. Choose your weapon : Oranges, grapes, watermelon, etc, and stick to that for 20, 30, 40 or as many days as you need to heal. This may sound intimidating, but once you start, you’ll feel so great that you won’t even miss your old diet!


Combine this with your Fab5 Herbs from @rawmaraby to take care of your kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach/bowels, and your adrenals. You need to take care of all 5 systems because if one goes down, they all do. The Fab 5 herbs will take care of everything for you, just stick to your fruits and take the herbs.

We need the lymphatic system to remove those damaged/dead cells, we need the kidneys to filter out those acids that are causing the damage. We need the endocrine system so it can control all the glands to make sure they're healthy. You need to clean out the stomach and bowels because the GI tract connects all of the organs together.  Simple to say, if one system is not functioning well, you cannot drain waste, which is the cause of every health issue.


You need the herbs to fix the four phases of wellness: digestion - you have to be able to digest food properly.  Absorption - your body must be able to absorb the food properly. Utilize nutrients- the body must be able to utilize the nutrients it is absorbing. Lastly, elimination – your body must be able to eliminate the left over waste from the food we digest. Fruit is the best way to ensure all of these phases are being done properly. 😊

Purchasing herbs and fruit is nothing when compared to having to undergo surgery where they will cut you open to remove a dead cell. Why not start now? Give your future self a chance at health!

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