So you have Hemorrhoids…. What now?

Hello folks!


Well, hemorrhoids are a tricky subject because they come about because your parathyroid, thyroid and sometimes even your pituitary glands are not functioning properly. The parathyroid is the main gland that is responsible for calcium utilization. When your head is full of mucus and obstructions (acids) it burns these glands resulting in issues, such as hemorrhoids.


How can you fix this? You change your diet. Remove all the acid causing foods from your diet. No more animal products, no more starches, and no more cooked foods. Switch to 100% fruits for breakfast lunch and dinner. These fruits will alkalize your body and help eliminate the acids.

Next, you take your HERBS. Herbs for the Lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, adrenals, stomach and bowels. You need the herbs because they will get all your essential systems running properly so you can rid yourself of the built-up acids inside you.


Eventually your hemorrhoids will go away on their own. Just give your self time to heal. A 30 to 40 day cleanse should do the trick.


Please feel free to direct message me with any questions, I’ll reach back 😊

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