Sleep Apnea

Do you have sleep Apnea, or do you snore profusely? The cause of this is consuming foods that are high in acids. These are starches, animal products (especially milk), cooked and processed foods, and foods that are rich in protein.  These foods are mucus causing because the body reacts to them and creates mucus to protect itself from the acids.


If you have this issue and you want to fix it, you want to replace the mucus causing foods with 100% fruits. You want to take herbs that are specific to the lungs, as well as your bowels; you want to make sure the acids you’re draining from you head region are leaving the body. If the bowels are congested, you won’t get better because the acids will still be stuck inside you.


If you stick to your fruit diet you will rid yourself of all obstructions in your body, you won’t have sleep apnea, and you won’t snore. Stick to this for as long as it takes to achieve these results and you will be healthy and vibrant as ever!


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