Simple healing with watermelon.

Hey folks! I want to talk to you about watermelon and why it's one of the best things you can use when it comes to healing yourself. Not only is it sweet, delicious and hydrating, but it's also astringent, meaning that it pulls out mucus and breaks it down. Yes! Watermelon is that powerful.

When it comes to healing, you want to clean out the entire body and the only way to do this is with 100% fruit diet. Fruits will clean up all the gunk that has been stuck in there for years and years.

The key to this is you must be consistent; you have to do it daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must be determined to do it and you're going to invest in herbs to get all of your essential systems running clean. I can’t stress enough how power it is when you combine the two together (100% fruits + herbs) and stay committed.

You will be doing everything you possibly can do to help the body heal itself. Healing is about moving obstructions of energy flow which is (blood flow and limb flow). When you have any health issue it’s usually because of the obstruction. When you remove the energy flow obstruction, you're gonna have health!!!!


Keep up the good work, you’re doing great 😊

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