Seeded grapes vs Seedless grapes

So, you are ready to commit to the all grape diet, but you can’t find seeded grapes. Not to worry, you can still use the seedless ones.

There is a lot of paranoia out there about eating seedless fruits. Although I am completely against GMO’s, eating hybrid fruits is not going to harm you and they are good healers.

A lemon for instance is a hybrid but it is one of the most powerful healers you can use- as it is astringent and alkalizing.

A hybrid fruit is not GMO if you buy it organic. Organic means no GMO.

So eating seedless fruits is not in any way unhealthy for you. If seedless is all that is available to you, it is possible to heal with them. They still contain the energizing, as stringent and healing properties as seeded fruits.

Seedless fruits are still better for the body than any animal product, starch, or cooked food will ever be. I have personally helped and witnessed people heal using seedless fruits.

Just make sure you wash thoroughly with baking soda, especially if your fruits aren’t organic.

Having no seeded fruits should not be used as an excuse not to detox. You will still heal if your fruits aren’t seeded. Give this a few weeks and you will see benefits.

So, there you have it folks, seedless grapes/fruits are NOT bad for you, they won’t harm you, they WILL heal you. BUT, seeded is, and will always be better, so if they’re available to you, go with them.


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