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say bye-bye to your anxiety

By Rob Maraby August 28, 2019 0 comments

Today, I want talk to you about #anxiety, least in the physical sense. It affects most of us in one way or another so, how we can fix it? Let’s start at the root: Anxiety occurs because of the #adrenals. When your adrenals are down, you get anxious. So how do we fix this? You guessed it, we must fix the adrenals by going on a 100% #fruit diet, and using the #healing #herbs for the adrenals, #kidneys, #lymphatic system, #bowels/#stomach, and #endocrine system. Even though the adrenals are solely responsible for your anxiety, it is important to keep all five #organs in good shape because if one fails, they all do, they’re all interlinked.

Once you begin you 100% fruit diet, you will feel a large weight off your shoulders spiritually. You will be able to overcome your anxiety, I promise. Combine this with some #meditation, along with taking it upon yourself to #serve others whether it’s #volunteering, or #donating old #clothing, or helping a homeless person with a #meal, you will feel #great and anxiety-free!

This is a very #simple trick, and I try to always keep it simple, grab some fruits, use the herbs from @rawmaraby, serve others, and meditate! Try going for a nature walk and smell the #fresh #scent of #mother #nature around you, its beautiful! I hope this helps! Please drop a comment below if you have any questions for me. 😊

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