Sauna and Detox

Using the Sauna during a detox is crucial. This is because the sauna allows the body eliminate waste through the skin. The skin is the 3rd kidney, as well as the largest organ of the body. The skin prefers to eliminate metabolic waste through your two lower kidneys first, but when it can't it will use your skin. This is why you see eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. These are all indicators that your kidneys aren't filtering properly.


It is important to use a steam sauna to sweat out all of the toxins that your lower kidneys aren't able to release, especially while you're trying to heal them.


Using the Sauna regularly will leave you feeling vibrant and lively throughout your detox period.

If you use the sauna along with a 100% fruit diet plus herbs, you will be doing the most you can possibly to for your body to naturally heal.


Dry fasting will also be a huge benefit to this, but you must use caution when mixing Sauna usage while you’re Dry fasting. Make sure you're always hydrated when you're in the Sauna.


Utilize the Sauna along with fruits, herbs, and dry fasting and you'll be laughing your way to great health! :)


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