Ringing in the ears? The cause explained

If you’re constantly hearing a ringing in year ears chances are that you have tinnitus. Tinnitus is lymphatic pressure in the head region. The lymphatic system removes acids from your hundreds of trillions of cells from your entire body. When you get tinnitus it is because the lymphatic system isn’t able to effectively remove the acids from the head region. This causes congestion and pressure in the head region; this is why you hear the ringing in the ears… the lymph is pushing against nerves and burning cells.

 If you have tinnitus, it is a sign that you need to detox urgently. If you don’t remove the acids that are causing this pressure and congestion it will damage your glands and the outcome will not be good. It will affect the eyes, brain, pituitary glands and much more.

You want to switch to a 100% fruit diet. Fruits are what I call “Lymph busters”, as in they get the lymph moving the way it should. If your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly then, your kidneys, adrenals, endocrine system, stomach and bowels are either. All 5 of these systems are interconnected. If something is wrong with one, there is something wrong with all of them. You want your @rawmaraby herbs. We call them the #Fab5, they will get your lymphatic system filtering and carrying the acids to the kidney to be disposed of. The Fab 5 will also get your stomach and bowels cleaned along with your adrenals and endocrine system.

Along with your fruits and herbs, you should try some ear candling and/or hot compressions on the back of the head to relieve pressure from the head. You can also look into lymphatic massages as well; these massages will allow the lymph to flow better and remove acids from the body quicker.

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