Quickly dissolve and remove obstructions in the Body.

Health issues are caused by obstructions of energy flow. Energy flow is defined by nerve flow, lymph flow, and blood flow. Nerve flow moves the cells, and the body parts. Blood flow is important because it feeds the cells. Lymph flow is essential because it removes acids from your hundreds of trillions of cells to the kidneys where they are eliminated. If any of these flows are blocked you will get health issues, and pain and symptoms.

To stop the blockages you must stop eating the foods that are causing them: animal products, and cooked starches/foods. Your going to switch your diet to 100% fruits. This will alkalize the body.

My favourite recipe to remove obstructions is to juice oranges and lemons, mixed with some water, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Drink this, and only this for 1 to 3 weeks. You can really choose any fruit of your choice; lemons, oranges, watermelon, or grapes, just make sure you love the fruit enough to stick to it 😊

Next, you’re going to incorporate your herbs. You’re going to take your herbs 3 times a day with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner juices. These herbs will help with removing the obstructions that are causing your health issue.

Stick to this for as long as you can, and you will see your health improve in a way you never thought was possible! Start healing now!


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