Probiotics ? You don’t need them

Probiotics ? You don’t need them

If you have digestive issues please do not turn to probiotics for relief because they are not the answer.


Your problem is that you have interstitial lymphatic congestion. This means that the acids inside of you hundred-trillion cells aren’t being filtered out and eliminated from your body via the lymphatic system through to the kidneys.


When this happens it means that all of these acids are backed up and trapped inside of you burning your tissues, organs and glands. This also stops your body from being able to absorb nutrients as well.


To rectify this you must detox. Go on 100% fruits. Take a strict break away from animal products, starches, cooked foods, and processed foods to give the fruits a chance to fix the damage that these foods have done to your body.


Once you’ve detoxed your body and have your lymphatic system and kidneys running properly you will see that there is no need to add anymore probiotics to your diet because your body will be producing them naturally. You will be digesting food effortlessly! Give this a try!

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