How do you put probiotics back into your system?  When you have been on antibiotics and all of your good bacteria is gone… what do you do?

The answer is: you don’t do anything. Do not ingest probiotics because they are artificial, and your body will eventually stop producing its own.


What you want to do if you’re in this situation is clean out your body. Rid yourself of all obstructions (mucus/acids). Detox with fruits and herbs. When you do this the body will naturally attract the right bacteria at the right levels. The Fab5 tincture will clean out your kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels. Once these systems are cleaned out your body will restore itself and its bacteria as well.

Do not eat fomented foods, and don’t take probiotics. Keep it natural and simple. You do not need to add bacteria to help the body, the body can help itself you just need to keep it clean so it can do so! 😊

Leave me any questions or comments you may have and I’ll get back!


Happy healing!

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