Mucus and sinus issues in kids - detox and detoxification

Mucus and sinus issues in kids - detox and detoxification

What do you do when your child is coughing up mucus? The first thing you need to do is put your child on an all fruit diet. Stop feeding them starches, stop feeding them protein, stop giving them complex carbs. Feeding them these kinds of foods will only multiply the mucus that your child is coughing up.


Feed your child fruits. Children love fruits; their sweet and juicy, what’s not to love? Children are not the problem, the problem starts with the parents. A lot of parents won’t feed their children only fruits because they fear their child will become too skinny. This is not true: all of the nutrients your child needs inside fruits. Don’t worry about weightloss, worry about HEALTH, which is what your child will be getting as soon as you switch them to fruits.


You can also utilize herbs with your child. You can strengthen their lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach/bowels, adrenals, and kidneys. Remember, your child's organs are a reflection of his or her parents organs.


So, if your child is coughing up mucus, it is not to be taken lightly, please act now and switch him or her to fruits!


I hope this helped some of you mothers and fathers out there!

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