Mucosa Responses

Good day Friends,

I see a lot people with mucus problems and thinking that it is normal. Let me tell you: it is not normal nor is it healthy.

When you’re coughing up mucus it is your body physically telling you that what you’re consuming is not good for it, so it is being rejected. The more you continue to eat the animal products, (dairy, meats etc) your body will eventually begin to bury the mucus that is being accumulated forming hardened mucus. This is when health issues will start arising because this hardened mucus will block energy flow, nerve flow, blood flow, and limb flow, which in turn will start to affect the organs, glands, and the kidneys. This means the acids are not gonna be filtered properly. Resulting in the acids burning through tissues, organs and glands, meaning you are going to be sick.

It is important to pay attention to what your body is responding to when you start to spit up mucus. When your body gives you this response it you must listen to it and stop eating what ever it is that gave you this response.

The best remedy for mucus is to eat fruits 100% and herbs for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your body will always accept fruits into your system, and they will always leave you feeling energetic vibrant and healthy.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, I encourage you to start a 100% fruit diet starting today! Your future self will thank you for doing it! #rawmaraby

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