Menopause relief with Detoxification

How does one lessen the symptoms of menopause?  Early menopause symptoms are caused by the suppression of the endocrine glands more specifically, the pituitary gland. This gland is responsible for hormone production and is responsible for basically everything in the body; that's what we call it the ‘master computer’.

This is affected when you are highly acidic and the acids in your head and the entire body have built up to the point where it is affecting the glands. This will affect all your hormones, will affect your hormonal balances and therefore affect your menopause.

You can fix this by getting the lymph moving.  The lymph is the main sewer system of the body. It is the system that removes the acids from your hundred trillion cells as well as the acids from the food you eat (the metabolic waste). When the lymph is moving it is heading to the kidneys, where all of the metabolic waste will be eliminated.

You get your lymph moving by switching to 100% fruits; fruits for breakfast lunch and dinner. These fruits will liquefy the stagnant lymph which will allow them to flow better to the kidneys, where they will be disposed of.

Once you get all of your systems running properly you won’t experience as much pain and discomfort during your menopause.


Give it a try! DM me for more information! 😊

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