Hey folks!


Let’s talk about menopause. Whether you’re dealing with early menopause or just full-blown menopause, it is due to the pituitary glands. Often this means that your whole endocrine system is down. Usually somebody who has early menopause also has pituitary problems, also has thyroid and parathyroid have problems as well. The easy fix for this is to detox.


For somebody who has a clean diet, and has no obstructions in the body, will have very light periods that's because the body doesn't need to strip out and dispose of too many toxins. The lighter the period is, the healthier the person is in general.


You want to go on a 100% fruit detox, and you wanna start on your @rawmaraby herbs. Herbs will fix your adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system and the stomach/bowels and clean the whole body up while they’re at it.

You’ll feel 1000% better on your period, and even menopause when you clean up your diet, and your internal systems.

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