Man problems? I’ve got you covered

This is dedicated to the men out there. A lot of you guys having been writing to me about erectile dysfunction, impotence and really anything to do with the male reproductive system.

All of these issues are due to having acids in the prostate region. This is a very  bad sign because a healthy male shouldn't have any issues when it comes to sexual function. This is a clear indication of your health,  you want to get rid of those acids from there because if you don't you’re going to have prostate issues, and testicular issues as well.  

If it were me having these issues, I would go on a 20 to 40 day grape only, watermelon only, or orange only, fast. I would also be taking my herbs like there is no tomorrow.

You will see remarkable improvements when you stick to 100% fruits and you commit to your Fab5 herbs to help support the adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and stomach and bowels. These issues are one of the easiest things to fix. Just have enough discipline to stop eating the food causing the acid buildup down there in the first place. Take your herbs, (you can later add herbs that are focused on the prostate, but for a start, the Fab 5 are perfect).

Don’t be worried, don’t be afraid, these are all issues that are all fixable with a simple diet change 😊. Questions/concerns? Leave me a comment or DM me and I’ll reach back😊.