Life and diet after detoxification

Life and diet after detoxification

If you did a detox and lost weight but gained it back after you stopped your detox diet it’s clear that it’s 1) your diet is causing you to gain weight, and 2) you didn’t fully heal your thyroid, or your adrenals.


Whenever you finish a detox you must transition back into “regular” food slowly. You should try and stay as clean as possible. For example, you just detoxed for 3 weeks and you feel vibrant and healthy and you want something cooked. My advice would not be to go grab a cheeseburger right away. You should try and have something that is still nutritious, like a vegan meal. Although a cooked vegan meal isn’t “healing” you, it is still better for the body then dairy, meat, and processed foods. 


If you want to maintain your detox weight you must adapt into a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you incorporate fruits and raw veggies into your everyday routine. This is the way you’ll be able to maintain your weight after a detox.


Remember to keep your meals primarily fruits and raw veggies after your detox and eat as clean as you possibly can when it’s not!



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