Let’s talk about healing after chemotherapy.

One thing that everyone should know about chemo is you’re literally pumping acids into your body. Most of the causes of illness are a result of too many acids in the body causing obstructions that lead to more serious diseases.

The 100 trillion cells in the human body all produce acidic waste. This waste is passed through to the lymphatic system and then carried to the kidneys where they are eliminated. When your lymphatic system isn’t filtering properly, or your kidneys aren’t able to dispose of the waste, you become backed up and clogged with acids. At this point your body is taking calcium from your other organs and glands to create buffering systems to protect itself from the overload of acids. This is when most health issues arise.

The cause of this is the foods you’ve been consuming, which are the animal products, dairy products, and cooked starches.

Now, once you are done with Chemo you will want to get back to your healthy self. You want to completely change your diet to 100% fruits. The fruits will not only remove the acids from your body, they will alkalize it as well. Next, you want to herbs for the lymphatic system, endocrine system, adrenals, kidneys, stomach and bowels. These herbs will help get these essential organs and glands working as they should be. If you feel like you’re running low on energy it is because your Adrenals may be down. The acids have gotten to the adrenals and they have become weak.

When you change your diet to 100% fruits and take your herbs, you’re giving your body its best chance to heal itself. Try it, stick to it, and get well!

Please leave me any questions or comments you may have. 😊

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