Hello friends 😊

Let’s talk water vs. pure fruit juices.

Let me start by saying fruit juices are far more superior to hydrate our human cells compared to regular water (H2O). The cells in the body use a form of water called “H3O2”, this is a gel-like water substance. This H3O2 is what resides in-between our cells.

So, when we consume water, our bodies need to work to convert the H2O into H3O2, so the water can get in between the cells where it is also needed.

When we consume fruits and the juices in them, we are also consuming the H3O2 that our bodies crave (without having to convert), along with the electrical energy, nutrients, and antioxidants. It is clear that fruits were made to be consumed by humans and our cells. Fruits are made up of what our body’s need to heal and survive. Fascinating, isn’t it?

I recommend changing your diet to 100% fruits. You will feel the difference in your entire body, mind and spirit. Give it a try, you will love yourself for it 😊.

Please leave me questions to answer! 😊

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