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Itchy skin - how to fix with detoxification

By Rob Maraby January 02, 2020 0 comments

So you have itchy skin…. What's the cause?? The cause of this is fungus and interstitial lymphatic congestion. This is caused by the foods you’re eating: animal products, starches, cooked foods, and processed foods. These foods have created a medium that has affected the kidneys and adrenals. Your adrenals are responsible for metabolizing sugar, and when your body isn’t metabolizing sugar properly it attracts fungus. Your body will use this fungus as an attempt to help it break down the sugars that aren’t being metabolized.



To fix this focus on eating only fruits, taking herbs 3 times a day and dry-fasting. The Fab5 herbs will take care of all of your lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, adrenals, stomach and bowels. You can also make use of a tincture called “Parasite M”. This is specifically formulated to assist your organs with fungus. This herb you would take 3 to 6 times a day and detox aggressively.


This will take time, you won’t see progress over night, but it is well worth the journey!

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