If we have halitosis or bad breath, there is a reason for it..

The tongue reflects your insides. If you fast for one day with no food or water and you stick your tongue out, you can tell exactly how bad your insides are. If it's white after you fast its subacute, its not that bad. If it’s clear or pink, that even better, it’s good.


If your tongue is yellow, green, black or brown, then you have a serious problem. Bad breath is an indication of how clogged up you are in the inside. Think of a sewer tank; if a sewer tank is clean; the less it will smell, likewise, if it’s dirty, it will smell worse.


If you’re noticing bad breath or an oddly coloured tongue you are obstructed on the inside.  There is a lot of acid accumulating in your body which is not being filtered and disposed of efficiently, so it is just staying stagnant in your body and rotting. No matter how many times your brush your teeth or use mouth wash, the smell will not go away, it will just get worse and worse because you are not fixing the root cause of it.


To fix this you’re going to go on a fruit detox with herbs. You’re going to stop the rotting from the inside. The herbs will help to clean out your bowels and G.I tract. The G.I tract connects the mouth with all of the lower extremities and every other organ in between. This is why it’s important to clean out your bowels. To do this you’re going go on a 100% fruit detox, you’re going to stop eating all animal products, all cooked foods, and starches. You’re going to take your @rawmaraby Fab5 herbs, these herbs will help clean out your adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels. All these systems are connected so if you’re bowels aren’t working correctly, none of them are running as they should be.

So grab some fruits, and herbs and start your healing! Bad breath is all the indication you need that your health isn’t in the best shape. Start fixing it now! 😊