How to heal IBS

IBS is a lymphatic system issue where the Lymphatic system is not moving properly, it is stagnated.  When the Lymphatic system is stagnant the waste is not being removed out of the cells properly. This causes serious issues.  The Lymphatic system is the main immune system as well as the main sewer system of the body.  It takes waste from the hundred trillion cells in the body (in this case, from the cells in the bowel wall.)

Because of all the acids, the lymphatic fluid is hard.  This makes it very difficult for the lymphatic system to move the waste from the cells in the bowel walls, so it burns itself.  That is why you get this issue; the acids are burning the tissues.

You need to fix this; you need to get the lymphatic system moving with the fruits.  To do so, you need to go 100% fruits, you need to get your kidneys filtering so you can remove those acids from your body.  

IBS is a serious issue, but it's easy to fix. You just need to know what you're doing.  Stick to 100% fruits with some herbs and you can get those acids out of the area and stop the inflammation.

Just to recap, IBS is caused by the acids in the body, making it difficult for the lymphatic system to do its job.  To fix that, acids must be removed from the body.   So, stick to 100% fruits and herbs, this will effectively help the body detox acids. 

If you have any questions feel free to DM me at  Raw_Maraby ! Happy healing!




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