How to get relief from hot flashes

How to get relief from hot flashes

Hot flashes! How do we deal with them?


To start, hot flashes happen when your pituitary glands and thyroid glands aren’t functioning properly. When this happens it increases your metabolic rate and affects the temperature of the body.


You need to fix your entire body. To do this you need to quit all animal products, all starches, cooked foods, and processed foods and detox with 100% fruits and herbs. These bad foods are the reason your thyroid and pituitary glands aren’t working properly.


The fruits will get your lymph flowing and kidneys filtering properly, as well as clean out your endocrine system. The herbs will work hard to repair your damaged thyroid and pituitary glands. It is important to stay on an all fruit diet while taking your herbs. The herbs will only be effective if you’re only eating alkalizing fruits.


We also have a tincture called “female reproductive” that targets and strengthens that area.


If you’re experiencing hot flashes and you want to get rid of them please grab some Fab5 herbs and grab some fruit and start healing. Health is just around the corner!

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