How to gain weight and muscle with fruits

How can we gain weight and muscle mass quickly on a vegan, or fruitarian diet?

Its quite simple. The first thing to do is only work out twice a week. No more than that. Once a week is even better! You’ll be doing a full body workout (chest, back, legs, and arms). You’re doing to do 1 to 2 sets of the heaviest weight you can do. 6 to 12 reps each. These reps should be set for “failure” meaning you cannot do another rep after you have finished your 1 or 2 sets.


Food-wise you want to eat heavier fruits often, like bananas, coconut, dates, and avocados. Eat as often as you can, without over doing it. These calorie dense fruits will help you reach your goals.


The key to muscle mass as a fruitarian is short intense workouts, calorie dense healthy fruits, and patience. You will reach your body goals, just stay committed!

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