How to detox on a high demanding job

Hey guys! We are all busy, but some are busier than others. How can we detox while on a busy schedule without feeling completely drained throughout the day?

The best way to do it is to go on an all fruit diet: oranges, lemons, mangoes, watermelon…the list could go on forever, literally :P. Mixed along with a highly nutrient dense fruit, like dates. I recommend Medjool dates. You can snack on them when ever you like (guilt free), and they will give you all of the energy, minerals and nutrients you need because they are full of healthy sugars. They also alkalize the cells inside the body too!

Low energy is caused by misfunctioning adrenals. When you go on your detox, you’ll get your adrenals up and running again, so you won’t be feeling exhausted throughout the day. Please note: during your detox, your energy levels will fluctuate while your adrenals are repairing themselves, but rest assured, that once they are repaired, you will have an abundance of energy, I promise 😊.

So add Medjool Dates to your detox program, especially if you’re always on the go!

I hope this helped some of you busy people out there!

Questions or Comments? Please leave them below or DM me 😊.

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