How to clean colon obstruction / blockage - easy removal

How to clean colon obstruction / blockage - easy removal

If you’re wondering why you feel bloated, full, and overall lazy sometimes, it’s because of your colon. If you’re feeling this way regularly, your colon is not excreting waste properly.


Most people are carrying around 10 to 15 pounds of fecal matter that is stuck on the colon. When you go “#2”, the waste has to pass through a very small hole that is a fraction of the size of your colon. Whatever doesn’t make it through the tiny hole will fester along the colon. This fecal matter will leech into your blood and possible cause auto-immune diseases.


The fecal matter is very easy to remove; all you have to do is remove the obstruction. You do this by going on an all fruit diet. When you do this for an extended period of time the fecal matter will break down and leave the body. When this happens you will feel lighter and healthier.


This is a very important detox to do. Think about it this way; if you have a septic tank which you haven’t cleaned for 20 years, and you suddenly open it to clean it…. It's going to be filthy, right? Not only will it be filthy, it will also take time to clean, but once it’s cleaned you’ll feel confident that it can do its job properly, right? The septic tank is your colon, you must it out regularly for it to function well.


I hope this helped some of you out there!

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