High and Low Blood pressure

When your blood pressure is too high or too low it is because you usually have weak adrenals and kidneys

The adrenals and kidneys are responsible for blood pressure.  When you look at the blood pressure reading, the number at the bottom represents the kidneys and the number at the top represents the adrenals. If either of them isn’t working properly, your blood pressure will be too high or too low. These glands and organs also control the lymphatic system, which is responsible for moving metabolic waste and acids through the lymph to the kidneys.

If you can’t remove the acids from your body, the lymphatic system will become stagnated and clogged up. Your body will now be in a state of acidosis, which then affects the kidneys and adrenal’s which then affects your blood pressure reading.  So to get a better blood pressure reading you want to fix your adrenals and kidneys urgently.

You do this by switching to an all fruit diet mixed with herbs 3 times a day. The Fab5 will help the detoxification process, which means you can help detoxify your kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels. These are all interconnected so if one of the organs and systems are not working, it will affect the other 4 in one way or another.

Stay consistent with your fruits and herbs, stay away from animal products, starches, cooked and processed foods. The fruit will soften your lymph making the acids more fluid and easier to filter as well as alkalize your body.

Stick to this and watch your blood pressure improve drastically, along with your overall health!


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