Healing is simple, do not complicate it 😊

When it comes to healing, there seems to be a lot of confusion. I’m here to explain it to you. There are only 2 sides of chemistry of this: Acid, and Alkaline (or base). If your body resides on the Alkaline side, you’re healthy. This means you have strong glands and organs and you feel good. If you’re on the Acid side of the spectrum, this means you have health issues all starting with acidosis. This acidosis is caused by the animal products you have been eating, and the starches and cooked foods (even cooked vegan foods can cause this). 


To reverse your Acidosis, you need to make the switch to 100% fruits, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep it simple by picking one fruit, whether it’s Oranges, Lemons, grapes, or watermelon, choose a fruit and eat it or juice it for 20, 30 or even 40 days. Stick to this until you get the results you want. Simple right?


Next, you need herbs from @rawmaraby. These herbs are gonna clean out your adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and stomach/bowels. and you stick to that and you’ll see and feel your health come back! Give it time and be patient, the actual healing process will take a bit of time dependent on what you're trying to heal but I don't want you to complicate matters, I want you to start right away.

Run to the store, pick your weapon (mine is orange😊), grab some herbs from @rawmaraby, and quit all the other foods. Simple, right?!

Once you start, you’ll be kicking yourself in the back for not starting earlier!

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