Healing a UTI

Conventional science says UTI’s happen when bacteria travels through the urethra to your kidneys and bladder.

Natural healing says the opposite: Bacteria are not the problem. The problem is that your kidneys are not filtering properly. The kidneys are responsible for eliminating metabolic waste (acids) brought in by the lymph system which transports from your 100 trillion cells. If your kidneys aren’t filtering, then your lymph isn’t flowing properly, so it becomes stagnant. This creates a culture medium for these bacteria to multiply. Remember, acids are acids, so they burn, and they hurt. This is why you experience pain when you have a UTI as well.

To fix a UTI you must first get your lymph in motion; change your diet. Remove all animal products, starches, and cooked/processed foods from your diet and replace them with 100% fruits. Fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this case I suggest grapes or berries they are extremely astringent, and not to mention delicious. These fruits with soften the lymph so it is no longer stagnant, allowing them to flow to the kidneys, to discard of the acids.

Take it up a level by adding the Fab5 Herbs for the lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, adrenals, stomach and bowels. These herbs will help strengthen these organs and glands which are systematic; meaning if something goes wrong with one organ or system of the body the others will have issues too.

You could also add some dry fasting to quicken the healing process. If you’re aggressive with your new diet, add herbs 3 times a day, along with your dry fasting and you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t be intimidated by a UTI, they’re very easy to heal, just stay consistent and true to your diet!


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