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Heal After Injury With Detox

By Rob Maraby November 05, 2019 0 comments

So, you have a wound/injury and its not recovering as well as you would like it to. Maybe you’ve sprained an ankle, or a torn muscle. Regardless of what it is, you must use fruits to recover.


Think about this logically. If you’re trying to heal something, you can’t expect it to heal using dead nutrients, like meat, starches, and anything processed. You need high energy nutrients in you; this is fruits.


The human body uses about 5 to 6 thousand angstroms of energy, while fruits have about 9000, that is almost double the amount of energy you need! This is enough to fuel and clean the lymphatic system, get the kidneys filtering and remove any foreign material and toxins. Fruits will help you recover and repair any injury.


Don’t waste your time eating cooked foods and proteins; they will not help you recover, because they negatively affect the kidneys and lymphatic system. Just stick to fruits and take herbs (Fab5) for the kidneys, adrenals, endocrine system, lymphatic system, stomach, and bowels. You will see how quickly you heal!




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